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Treating Contaminated Ballast Water with the PeroxEgen™ H202 Water Treatment System

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Contaminated ballast water constitutes a major route for introducing invasive species into marine and fresh waters world-wide. When ships discharge bilge and ballast water, they can dangerously contaminate ecosystems. Also, grey/blackwater effluents often have bacterial counts that create high chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand (BOD). These problems have been dramatically accelerated by the advent of modern, high-speed freighters and their methods of ballast water exchange.mixed plankton mortality times with peroxide concentration

The introduction of the zebra and quagga mussels into the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes provides a widely publicized and sobering example of the economic and ecological costs associated with such invasions. It’s estimated that the cost (as of May, 2007) just for dealing with zebra and quagga mussels since they were first discovered in North America is $2 billion.

PeroxEgen™ — On-site H2O2 Delivery

PeroxEgen™ generates H2O2 on-site for water treatment, advanced oxidation and disinfection applications. PexoxEgen™ can mitigate numerous potentially invasive species by injecting controlled concentrations of H2O2 directly into ballast water as it is loaded into a vessel. PeroxEgen™ can be mounted onboard, making H2O2 and (optionally) peracetic acid (PAA) available on demand for cleaning and disinfection in addition to ballast water treatment.

PeroxEgen™ can be used either as a stand-alone system or combined with a UV system for advanced oxidation. Ballast water treatment using H2O2 combined with a UV ballast water treatment system is expected to be the most effective approach for broad-spectrum treatment.

The most problematic invasive organisms to be controlled are bacterial, planktonic, and egg or larval stages of higher organisms, since these are not removed during water intake pre-filtration.treatment of QPX with peroxide concentration

Introducing 10 mg/L H2O2 into seawater provides effective treatment against a wide variety of biological organisms within the first 200–400 minutes of contact time. Efficacy tests conducted by the Marine Biology Lab (Woods Hole, MA) in collaboration with Eltron verified broad effectiveness of H2O2 to kill algae, fish, invertebrates, planktonic species and bacterial microorganisms. (Biol. Bull. 201: p. 297–299, October 2001). The corrosiveness of seawater with this level of H2O2 was also confirmed to not exceed that of natural dissolved oxygen – so it is safe for ship-board use.

Simplifying the Logistics of Handling H2O2

PexoxEgen™ provides H2O2 delivery at the point of use, simplifying the logistics, eliminating distribution costs, and minimizing hazards associated with handling and storage. There are also no known regulatory issues for this source of H2O2 since the feedstocks are water and air and the H2O2 concentrations produced are relatively low. PeroxEgen™ requires only water, air, and electricity as consumables for water treatment and allows pH to be controlled. PeroxEgen™ can be operated in flow-through mode for direct treatment at low H2O2 concentrations (<100 mg/L) or in batch mode, recirculating H2O2 to build up higher concentrations. Unlike bulk catalytic production methods, Eltron’s electrolytic process is virtually insensitive to temperature. Furthermore, H2O2 generated by PeroxEgen™ contains no organic residuals.


  • Generates a small volume of concentrate to dose into the full ballast system (small system footprint)
  • Will not affect pressure or flow rate of existing ballast water
  • Useful for other shipboard applications such as greywater treatment and galley cleaning
  • Combines with UV or ozone treatment to create powerful organic destruction and microbial disinfection
  • Creates short-lived residual of peroxide for mitigating live organisms that are not affected by UV treatment


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