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Potable and Waste Water Treatment with the PeroxEgen

Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment System

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  • Turn-key operation; modular system that scales to application demands
  • Combines with existing UV or ozone treatment to create powerful organic destruction and microbial disinfection
  • On-site hydrogen peroxide production and delivery

Wastewater treatment facilities all over the world are seeking cost-effective solutions that will help them meet FDA regulations and protect the health and general welfare of consumers. The demand for potable water increases constantly along with population growth. And with new sources becoming harder to find, the demand for technologies that enable convenient, and highly effective treatment of freshwater and wastewater is continually increasing.

PeroxEgen™ — H2O2 Generation Technology

PeroxEgen™, a turn-key, mobile electrolytic technology available from Eltron Water Systems, generates H2O2 on-site for a variety of water treatment, advanced oxidation, and cleansing applications. PeroxEgen™ requires only water, air, and electricity as consumables for water treatment and allows pH to be controlled for a variety of applications. PeroxEgen™ can be operated in flow-through mode for direct treatment at low H2O2 concentrations (<100 mg/L) or in batch mode, recirculating H2O2 to build up higher concentrations. Unlike bulk catalytic production methods, Eltron’s electrolytic process is virtually insensitive to temperature and can operate over a wide temperature range.

A flexible, scaleable system, PeroxEgen™ can be used in a variety of applications. H2O2 alone can be used to deodorize and break up solid waste. And, integrating PeroxEgen™ into a UV or ozone treatment system can produce an advanced oxidation system for freshwater/drinking water treatment that provides very powerful, cost-effective organic
destruction and microbial disinfection. Further, this creates a convenient method for significantly improving taste and odor in drinking water containing organic and inorganic contaminants. The combination of H2O2 and UV radiation to produce the short-lived hydroxyl radicals (<1 sec. lifetime) integrates three very effective organic, inorganic, and
microbial destruction methods into a single system that can be operated in batch or flow-through processing modes.  

The primary advantage of a combined PeroxEgen™-UV advanced oxidation process is that there are no chemical residuals, only water and oxygen as byproducts — desirable for potable water and food-grade water treatment. The primary advantage of a PeroxEgen™-ozone advanced oxidation process is the residence time of peroxide and ozone to travel to the point-of-use in a distribution system before fully reacting to form hydroxyl radicals. This is desirable for remediation applications such as soil flushing.

PeroxEgen™ could be integrated into a water security system, providing a rapid, effective way to cleanse contaminated water. Complementing efforts by drinking water providers to improve physical security, PeroxEgen™ could potentially enhance emergency response strategies.

Simplifying the Logistics of Handling H2O2

Current methods for generating H2O2 require large, centralized industrial facilities. H2O2 has to be distributed by truck or rail. Transportation, handling, and storing concentrated H2O2 (50%–75%) creates a number of hazards, and meeting the associated regulations imposes more capital investment. Distributing H2O2 to remote locations potentially
creates significant liability for distributors and increases costs for isolated water treatment and environmental remediation operations. All of these issues are hurdles that have made H2O2 use less common or impractical.

Eltron’s PexoxEgen technology provides a different method for H2O2 delivery — at the point of use — simplifying the logistics, eliminating distribution costs, and minimizing hazards associated with handling and storage. There also are no known regulatory issues for this source of H2O2 since the feedstocks are only water and air, and the H2O2 concentrations produced are relatively low.


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