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PeroxEgen On-Site H2O2/PAA Water Treatment System

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  • Provides an on-site H2O2 source for water treatment and cleanser generation
  • Is a turn-key, modular system that scales to meet application requirements
  • Allows feeding of redialy available, GRAS feedstock to generator for PAA production
  • Enables combining H2O2 with a UV or ozone system for advanced oxidation treatment capabilities

Problem Addressed

Chlorine gas is being replaced as the primary oxidizing biocide and oxidant in many industries. The hazards of handling and storing chlorine gas and concerns about the harmful effects of chlorinated organic byproducts to people and the environment is compelling the shift to a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a well-known oxidizing biocide and oxidant that is effective in many water treatment applications and is environmentally benign; only water and oxygen are byproducts. Using H2O2 in advanced oxidation processes that combine ultraviolet (UV), ozone or transition metal activation of H2O2 to form the very powerful,
but short-lived hydroxyl radical are increasingly used in many water treatment applications.

Combining hydrogen peroxide with a readily available, generally regarded as safe (GRAS) feedstock forms the very effective biocide and sanitizing mixture of peractic acid (PAA). Foods and surfaces treated with this mixture are effectively disinfected without producing or leaving any harmful residuals.

Current Approach

Most of the H2O2 produced today is made via the anthraquinone process (a two-step catalytic chemical process) at large-scale, centralized plants. H2O2 is then shipped to customers in concentrations ranging from 35-70%. Residual organics resulting from this manufacturing process are always present in anthraquinone produced H2O2. Also, phosphanate-based stabilizers are normally added to keep the H2O2 stable.

Eltron’s Strategy

Eltron has developed PeroxEgen™, a turn-key, mobile electrolytic technology that generates H2O2 — and optionally PAA — on-site for a variety of water treatment, advanced oxidation and cleansing applications. PeroxEgen™ requires only water, air, and electricity as consumables for water treatment and allows pH to be controlled for a variety of applications. PeroxEgen™ can be operated in flow-through mode for direct treatment at low H2O2 concentrations. Unlike bulk catalytic production methods, Eltron's electrolytic process operates over a wide temperature range.

Eltron's PeroxEgen™ technology provides a different method for H2O2 and PAA delivery at the point of use, eliminating distribution costs and the hazards associated with handling and storage. Water treatment costs, H2O2 and PAA concentrations and production rates are dictated by the particular application and process conditions.

The advantages of PeroxEgen™ include:

  • On-site, turn key operation
  • Scalable
  • Varying H2O2 and PAA concentrations
  • Integrates with UV, ozone in advanced oxidation processes
  • Lower materials, operation and maintenance costs
  • Minimizes transport, handling, storage, hazards and regulatory compliance issues
  • Green technology; no chemical or organic residuals
  • Minimal carbon footprint relevant to transportation
  • Only system utilities are water, air and electricity
  • Operates at up to 60°C, pH 0-14


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