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Take advantage of the powerful oxidation capabilities of H2O2 and the disinfection properties of PAA while reducing operational costs, simplifying logistics and enhancing safety.

PeroxEgen generates hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid on-site. By modifying the electrolytic process, PeroxEgen can produce acids, caustics and organic peroxides. It can be integrated with an UV or ozone water treatment system. Plus, PeroxEgen scales and delivers varying H2O2 concentrations to meet application volume and oxidation requirements.

With a foundation of more than 20 years of R&D, PeroxEgen is a cost-effective, robust and green technology that can be applied to improve water use in many applications.

PeroxEgen advantages include:

  • H2O2 and PAA generation at the point of use
  • On-site, turn key operation
  • Scalable for a variety of applications
  • Varying H2O2, PAA concentrations
  • Integrates with UV, ozone (O3) in advanced oxidation processes (AOP)
  • Lowers materials, operation and maintenance costs
  • Minimizes transport, handling, storage, hazards and regulatory compliance issues
  • Green technology; no chemical or organic residuals
  • Minimal carbon footprint relevant to transportation
  • Only system utilities are water, air and electricity
  • Operates at up to 60°C, pH 0-14

PeroxEgen Tech Briefs

PeroxEgen Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment System (overview)

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Potable and Wastewater Treatment with the PeroxEgen Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment System

Treating Contaminated Ballast Water with the Peroxegen H202 Water Treatment System

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