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Remediation can actually be a revenue-generating task, not just a costly burden for addressing regulatory mandates. Eltron Water Systems has developed a novel electrowinning process that enables selective removal of copper, iron, zinc, lead and other dissolved metals prevalent in concentrations as low as 5 ppm.

Ideal for applications in metal refining and recovery, reduced metal-oxide production, in situ mining and acid mine drainage (AMD) and waste treatment, our system reduces your environmental footprint while increasing the profitability of production operations.

Eltron's electrowinning technology increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption for minerals extraction and processing. In select applications, the system can operate unattended, and even can run on solar, hydroelectric or wind power.

Electrowinner advantages include:

  • Solid metals recovered in low-volume, high-value form
  • Low operating costs
  • Few chemical reagents required
  • Single pass flow-through operation
  • Independent control of fluid and bed flows
  • Reduced disposal issues
  • Selectivity
  • Modular and scalable


Electrowinner Tech Brief

Profitable Metal Recovery from Mixed Leach & Waste Streams

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