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Founded in 2007, Eltron Water Systems is dedicated to commercializing cost-effective, green water purification and disinfection technologies. Eltron Water draws on technology resources from its parent company, Eltron Research & Development, which has a 33-year history of electrochemical, environmental, and catalysis research, to explore practical, green solutions for preserving one of our most important and useful natural resources, water.

Eltron Research & Development’s Business Development Group is constantly seeking business partners to help bring our technologies to market. We help reduce risk – only technologies that are in latter-stage development are candidates for cooperative marketing.

In its modern research facility, located in Boulder, Colorado, Eltron's world-class scientists and engineers have developed breakthrough technologies in disciplines such as advanced materials, nanotechnology, catalysis, gasification, semipermeable membranes and water purification. The staff includes a mix of Ph.D., M.S., and research scientists and engineers with backgrounds that enable finding answers to challenges in a variety of industries, as well as cross-discipline application of expertise.

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